Thursday, May 21, 2009

I can do it all on my own!

Sooooooo... I put the hinges on the cabinet doors and hung two of them only to find that the new hinges are larger than the old ones and the cabinet doors now overlap by a good inch. Darn you, hardware!!!
That's what we get for buying the 'self-closing' kind. Pooey.
I have now enlisted the help of my man (who decided to use the wimpy 'power drill' - I use the regular old handheld screwdriver) to hang them correctly. Sometimes it annoys me that he has a tendency to sweep in and take over a project. This time, I'm rawther grateful.
Have at it, babe.

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Chris R. said...

Oh good I'm glad you were grateful at my sweeping effects this time, of course I was worried that I was sweeping in unwanted. Glad to know I wasn't, YAY!