Thursday, June 11, 2009

Currently, I'm left-brained.

Something is wrong with either my vision (damn eye-doctor) or my occipital lobe. Or both. I've had slightly blurry vision for several days now and I'm missing my normally crisp vision. I also have a strange pang of a headache that shoots from my lower right occipital lobe to the back of my right eye every so often, usually when I bend over. This seems a strange coincidence but I'll be damned if I'm going back to my eye doctor after the horrible experience that was the last two visits.
So now what to do? Deal with it? Find a new eye doctor who will charge me more? Call my "regular" eye doctor and ask advice? Ugh, just thinking of his reception gives me chills. And conjures sarcastic come-backs in my head.
I think I will live as a left-brainer for a few more days and sacrifice the normal creativity that my right brain would offer if it was being panged every few minutes. Sigh.
But life goes on and I don't have to work until Monday! Woohoo!!

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