Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dirty Weekend

After several days of prep work, including a day with the X in the shop, we drove out to Hungry Valley to meet some friends for a bit of an Xcursion in Hungry Valley.
Lots of great dirty roads, a Black-Diamond trail, some hills and some mud! Nothing better!

Happy 4x4 Dog! Sammi did great on the trail and on the tow-trip home.

Color: Black with Custom Splatter

While we had a ton of fun in the mud pit, something about the mud and water combined did a bad thing to the engine compartment. A few more minutes down the trail, we started over-heating. Rinsing off the radiator solved that problem until our engine lights all came on. More rinsing didn't do the trick. We had to turn around and call AAA to tow us home.

Three hours from the time-of-call, we made it home. Dirty, dusty, and tired. But safe.
Poor Xterra. :-(

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