Sunday, September 27, 2009

This week's Target find:

Since we're all going to run out and buy Halloween M&Ms anyway, you might as well buy two bags (on sale 2/$5 in this week's ad) and get your free Halloween themed reusable tote!
Big enough to fit your Sunday paper, it folds up small enough to stow in your glove box or toss in your popularly-oversized-purse.
Complete with velcro closure, this bag is designed so that Little Spider's face is peeking out at you.

Small print: I'm sure that Target's offer is "while supplies last" and may only be available in certain areas of the USA. I was able to take advantage of this offer at my friendly Ventura Target. It only took three employees, two Target ads, and about ten minutes to find the free bag. What can I say, us employed people like our free stuff.
Little pumpkins from Trader Joe's, four for $2.99.

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