Monday, September 14, 2009

re: Twilight

I finished it. It's getting a big eye-roll right now. I especially like the "sneak peek" of New Moon they throw in that ends with perpetually clumsy Bella being glared at by "six ravenous vampires" and only Edward between her and them.
Oh my, I am in such suspense.


Molly B said...

okay, i posted a comment here and then accidentally navigated away before doing that security 'type the silly word you see' thing. so the comment disappeared, but now that i think about it, i wasn't really saying anything. except something about how you need the second book and i have it. so... i should come see you as soon as may be. :)

Emily said...

I actually ordered the second book from my paperbackswap so it should be here any day. Then I'll need the third book. :-)

Emily said...

Oh, and I'm sorry about the whole "verify the word" thing. I don't think I set things that way but since it's "safer" or something, I'm gonna keep it. Mwahaha!