Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Things Considered...

You would think that a day that begins with walking face-on into a glass sliding door and the absence of a Target ad in the Sunday paper has little chance of redemption but you would be wrong. Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and acting as personal shopper to friends in need helped take the edge off the morning. Taco dinner accompanied by Northanger Abbey, a dog at my feet, and a husband beside me created a satisfying end to an off-start of a day.
Chris says it's a good thing I don't weigh more or I probably would have gone right through the glass instead of bouncing off. We're leaving that door open from now on.


Molly B said...

You watched Northanger Abbey?!! Isn't it wonderful?? I have the most biggest crush on Mr. Tilney. He's absolutely my favorite of the Jane Austen beaux. I know it's supposed to be Mr. Darcy, but he doesn't set one quite at ease the way Mr. Tilney does. :)

Emily said...

Um, maybe... :-P
Yes, it is wonderful! It totally pulled me out of my funk. I do like Mr. Tilney! He's like Darcy meets Bingley.