Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I won! I won!

I entered a giveaway over on Simply Modern Mom a while ago and actually won! I'm super excited to get to select up to $30 worth of goods from *Shey*[B]. And what perfect timing! I just got a new camera for Christmas and these strap covers are perfect.
I chose the Red & White Damask (Limited Edition, oooh la la) and added a lens cap pocket - I always stick my lens cap in my back pocket and then forget about it until I go to sit down. Whoops!
My camera is going to be oh-so-chic (and cute!) paired with this:

(Image from *Shey*[B])

If you haven't already, I'd suggest checking out both *Shey*[B] and Simply Modern Mom, whether you're a mom or not! (Simply Modern Mom is also doing a great recipe share right now! Today was Chocolate Marshmallow Cake. YUM.)

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