Friday, March 5, 2010


I don't usually read forwards but this one came from my mom so I figured she's a pretty good filter. Oh my gosh. I'll admit, I cried.

The video shows Kseniya Simonova, the winner of "Ukraine's Got Talent" drawing a series of pictures in sand to show how ordinary people of Ukraine were affected by the German invasion of World War II. At only 24 years old, her art is mesmerizing to watch.
The video begins with a young couple sitting happily on a bench but warplanes appear and their happiness is obliterated. The scene shifts to a woman crying but then a baby appears and she is happy again. Soon, though, the scene is thrown into chaos and a young woman's face appears - but quickly morphs into that of an older widow.
From there, the scene shifts to that of a monument to an Unknown Soldier before you're taken to a view from inside a window, looking out. In the final scene, a mother and baby press their hands against the window glass, saying goodbye to the man outside.
Known as "The Great Patriotic War" in Ukraine, it resulted in one out of ever four people being killed with 8-11 million deaths out of a population of only 42 million.

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Tessa said...

I saw this a while ago, it is sooo amazing! I cried too!