Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Mr. Clean,

Thank you for your magic cleaning powers! I don't know what is in these little white rectangles of cleanliness and I don't care. They have single-handedly changed the look of my kitchen simply by whisking away the nastiness that was my counter tile grout.
There are probably more chemicals in one rectangle than I'd ever want around my pets or husband but again, I don't care. The change in my kitchen is worth it - you with your white eyebrows and tanned bald head are welcome in my house anytime. Mi casa es su casa. Come and clean it.

p.s. I am so excited to try out the Extra Power Magic Eraser next time around! I had no idea they existed. They're already on my shopping list.
p.p.s. Please exercise caution when using the Magic Eraser. They are highly addictive and will provoke you to wipe down every interior and exterior surface of your home, including your hose wheel, and especially that nasty spot where dirt collects in between the window and its frame. I would suggest starting your Magic Eraser use around 9pm so as to dissuade you from cleaning for the rest of your life. At some point, you will be too tired to continue and will be forced to put them away. Until the next day.

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