Friday, June 18, 2010

New Discovery: Rehab Point

It was a gorgeous Friday evening that hints of summer so the hubs and I decided to revisit an experience from our early dating years: Pizza at the beach.
Picking up a medium pepperoni and some cheesy bread, we found ourselves at a new beach spot called Rehab Point. The park boasts a fantastic pirate ship playground for the kids (and adults!), soccer fields, beach volleyball pits, and covered picnic areas as well as a great paved bike/skateboard trail. I want to come back and explore! And play on that teeter-totter that was occupied when we walked by... After eating, we figured we should try to work off some of that greasy cheesiness and walk toward the sound of the ocean waves.
I may have found a new favorite place - just a short little walk through the park and over the dunes...

Doesn't get more peaceful than this -

Being the kids that we are, we had to experiment with our jumping capabilities. The hubs went first and ended up with more sand in his shoes than I've ever seen!

Then it was my turn -

These are my two favorite shots - you don't really need to see my face, do you?

I always think of Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer when he does silly things like this - his silliness is one of his greatest attributes. Keeps me laughing.
Just can't help but love this man!

All images by me except the ones of me - those were taken by the hubs.

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