Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creature Feature Sunday

Our sunny afternoon is waning; evening lurks on the horizon. I am le tired.
We have de-flea-ed (deflead? defleaded?) the entire house again, which means vacuuming and spraying almost every possible surface you can touch or see, numerous loads of laundry, and torturing the animals with sprays, washes, juices, and pills.
We also assembled a dog house, braved the Sunday Costco crowd (we were desperately in need of toilet paper...), purchased a large new cat tree (on total clearance) and a cedar doggy bed. Fleas aren't supposed to like cedar. We'll see if that is true.
There also seems to be some debate about who the doggy bed is for now that it's on the living room floor - Pantaloup has spent more time on it than the dog so far.
And now I must start thinking about dinner.

This here be my kitty tower!

But I thought you said it was for me? I am such an innocent little creature.

Yes, it is mine.

I just want to be close! I want to help assemble my new house by being in your way!

Hello? Is anyone home?

Pictures by me and the hubs. Please don't use without asking. 'Cause they're just that awesome.

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