Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh, did you want 4th of July pictures?

Please excuse me. I've been in a food-coma and couldn't post pictures from the weekend. We had enough food to feed a small country and only a few people actually show up so I basically haven't stopped eating since Sunday morning!
Here's a little photo recap of our day:
Flags everywhere!

Happy Sammi dog - Grandma keeps giving me chips!

It just isn't a holiday without bendy straws!

My favorite dish - the salsa boat:

The drinks:

The spread - I especially like that we were all wearing red, white, and blue!

Sister sips an Arnold Palmer:

What the hubs manages to do at every holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter...) - find a comfy spot and fall asleep:

Hope you had a marvelous holiday!

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