Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You can learn a lot of things from the flowers...

The month of June sure was good for our yard! All of our plants are exploding with blossoms and large green leaves. The morning sea-mist and late afternoon sun seem to be a great combination for the flowers and I love putting them all around the house. I tried to put flowers in every room but soon discovered that the hydrangea and rose blossoms have to go on top of the bookshelf or Pantaloup will eat them and then get sick... but they're still so cheery and happy to look at.
All the roses are blooming and they look so much better than last year. These yellow ones are so delicate and smell amazing.

These red ones all bloomed at the same time one the same bush - perfect for a table-top arrangement.

This bright pink hydrangea now lives in our side yard. I wasn't planning on buying a new one but this color was too cheerful to pass up and our local nursery had them all on sale.

I got quite a deal on this royal purple bougainvillea - it's going to live along the back wall and give our yard some real color. I've been told they are difficult to kill and that's the kind of plant I need!

Our two fuschia plants are literally dripping with blossoms. I love that we can see these from our dining room window.

What's blooming in your garden this summer?

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