Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Forgive me, my dear readers.

I've been a bit quiet lately and it's because I've been laid up either in bed or on the couch, consoling myself with endless boxes of kleenex and lots of naps. I can't seem to be up for more than three minutes without needing to be down again for at least an hour.
After getting quite sick earlier today, I finally began to feel a bit better. I even ate a peach and three-quarters of a grilled cheese sandwich (the hubs makes the best!), which is saying a lot since I haven't wanted to eat anything for the last two days. Now he's making me spirals mac 'n cheese (my favorite kind) - if eating like a four-year-old doesn't help you get better faster, I don't know what does.
Regular random blogging will resume soon, I promise.

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