Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not a Packer.

I don't like to pack for trips.
You might think this dislike has deep-seeded roots in my childhood; from those days when we lived out of suitcases, traveling to-and-fro across the nation; un-packing the car at a new destination every evening, re-packing the car every morning, when we knew to bring the sleeping bags first and the pillows last.
But you would be wrong.
I don't like to pack because I can never decide what I am going to want to wear in two days when faced with an empty suitcase today.
The process usually goes something like this:
Look up the weather forecast for my destination and plan for 10 degrees up or down, just in case. Lay out the choices. Put things in a bag. Take things out of the bag. End up just putting it all in the bag, to the tune of "six options for three days with extra socks and undies, just in case."
For example: I'm headed to Disneyland with the family on Tuesday. Weather forecast is low to mid 80s. (Niiiiiice!)
I know I want to wear my favorite navy blue shorts because 1) they're super comfy, 2) they are exactly the right length on me, and 3) they won't be all see-through if I happen to get soaking wet on a water ride. But what to wear as a top? Since it's going to be warm, I might want a tank top. But I've been wearing tanks a lot and my shoulders are already a bit burnt from Friday so maybe a short-sleeved shirt would be better. Should I wear the Mickey tee? It is Disneyland, after all. But my shoes have Mickey on them and I will probably wear my red Jesse cowboy hat (from Toy Story) so I don't want to go overboard on the Disney theme.
Maybe I should just wear my favorite striped tee with the buttons on the sleeves?
Too many choices!!

Seriously, though, how cute are these shoes?
(Yes, the tags are still attached. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them or not and they are technically half a size larger than I normally wear because Crocs skip from size 9 to size 10 but after wearing them around today on my hot, slightly swollen feet, they will be perfect. Ta-da!)

What happened to the good 'ole days when people had two outfits: One for "every day" and one for Sundays and weddings? It may be time to purge the wardrobe a little.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, I brought four shirt options. Just in case. My sister might want to borrow one, after all.
Two days. Multiple options. It's just the way I roll.

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