Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spot On

Especially funny because I really do have a brother who really does have three sisters. I sincerely doubt that he puts the towel around his chest when coming out of the shower but he does insist that the toilet seat and lid be lowered after using. What can I say, we raised him right.

Very rarely will I ask the Hubs what he had for breakfast if I've been away. It's usually one of three things (oatmeal, cereal, peanut butter toast) so it's quicker just to guess.

I am most definitely going to incorporate this phrase into my life more often.
See? I already did!
This could easily become an endless cycle. I'll stop now.

Excerpts are from the book Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
I just may need to read this entire book.

Thanks to You Are My Fave for introducing us!


Natty said...

I love those! The second one is totally how I roll. I think I need that book. Cool find!

Chris R. said...

wall-e says tada!