Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh, my! Where have I been?

I'm not reporting to work so that means I've been up to a lot of other things! Like eating as many no-bake cookies as possible, getting the house back in order after our sicknesses, and doing laundry. When I get bored or antsy, laundry is my chore of choice. There's something so calming about hanging laundry on the line to dry and then folding it into nice little piles.

I've also been busy crafting things for the party I'm helping plan this weekend. So far I've made a birthday banner and even figured out how to make my own party hats! Sitting by the office window creating pretty things with paper always makes me feel better about life.

I'm also researching possible paint colors for our master bedroom. I'd like to do a nice shade of grey - any suggestions?

Pictures and more interesting posts to come soon... Off to craft!

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