Monday, October 11, 2010

Letterpress: Round Two

A few weeks ago I promised to keep you posted regarding my letterpress class - and you haven't really heard anything since! My apologies! I was thinking I would wait until after our second class session so I had more interesting things to share but then last Monday's class was canceled. So, today is my second class!
The class is really more of a 'workshop' and since all the other students have taken the class at least once before (I'm the only newbie!) I did a lot of observing, asked a lot of questions, and then had the difficult task of deciding what to make.
Today I should learn how to set type and will spend quite a bit of time digging through drawers to choose and set the font I want. If I'm lucky, I might run a few things through the press but that depends on how quickly I figure out what I want to do.
This time, I really do promise to update you!
Happy Columbus Day, and have a Fantastic Monday!

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