Monday, December 6, 2010

Forced Laziness

I have a 'To Do' list a mile long and was in the middle of getting things done when a certain grey cat decided he wanted to use my lap as a bed. In an effort to practice patience, I let him... and now I'm stuck at the hubs' desk. My feet are freezing but my lap is warm and I just can't bear to disturb this cuteness. What better opportunity to clear out my Google Reader!

Here's a cute little list of some of my favorite recent blog posts from around the web:

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Do-It-Yourself Doily Garland

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Take-Along-Treat #5 from Leo on the Loose: Peppermint Bark. Yummmm!

I'd love to host a Winter Ice Skating Party!

Music to Create To: A Holiday Sampler

A must-read, great message

More gorgeous printable freebies from a favorite blog


Happy reading!

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