Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree...

The hubs and I hopped in the truck last night and got ourselves a tree! We opted for a smaller tree this year and it looks oh-so-cute perched atop our coffee table.

The kitties are always so curious...

Lots and lots of lights! I wanted another string but the hubs said this was enough...

You do the math...

My mom isn't sure exactly how old I was when I made this - maybe 2 years old? 
I can't believe she kept it all these years! It's so cute.

Isn't it darling? It's so delightful to walk into the room in the morning or 
when I come home from work and see this cheerfulness.

Do you have a tree yet? Are you going to get one? I strongly recommend it!

P.S. This playlist is the perfect complement to your holiday decorating.

All images by me. Please don't use them without asking first. It's just not nice.

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