Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recent Weekend Recap

Well, lookee here! A weekend recap from the most recent weekend! And it's only Tuesday! We're making progress.
Once again, I was down south in Long Beach visiting the parents+sis. This makes who-knows-how-many weekends in a row and they were still begging me to stay!
Saturday's Holiday Open House - I made pumpkin pie bites to go along with the bajillion other sweet and savory goodies my mom put out. They had between 30-40 people stop by!

Pineapples for Hospitality

Manger Scene in Window

Merry Christmas Tree!

A Pink Friend. He can type on the computer and play the piano. Very talented little guy.

On Monday, my mom and I got a little crazy. We ventured out... in the rain... until it started pouring. I also got to play with my mom's iPhone to take these pictures! Sorry for the not-so-great quality but we haven't uploaded any nifty picture apps to her phone. Yet.
Disneyland Christmas Tree

On the bus, staying dry. 

Oh, and I decided to become an elf until Saturday. Sound good?

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LBRM CEO said...

you actually look elfish . . .