Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Day of Gifts

Remember this little blue stand? Well, I arrived home on Thursday evening to find it waiting in our entryway, all assembled, ready to use, with a cute little tag hanging off the drawer. The hubs popped out while I was at happy hour with some friends and bought it as a surprise for me. So sweet!! Here it is, waiting to find a permanent space in our home.

Thursday turned out to be a day full of gifts, as I had received a lovely gift from a parent at work earlier in the day. She said it was for a Happy 2012. Two beautiful mugs and some chocolate peppermint tea.

In between work and happy hour, I splurged on a little gift to myself. Anyone following me on Instagram has already seen these. I had a little gift certificate - one of those groupon type deals - so I stopped into a shop real quick. I've been wanting these for quite some time! Aren't they cute? I love that the lining has elephants on it.

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