Sunday, January 15, 2012

Le Weekend (so far)

I'm reminiscing on the years when I had long weekends every weekend as I have one more day of weekend before we return to work. I love Mondays I don't have to work. Apart from the money part of it, I really didn't mind working part time. There's something about a 'short' week that is very nice.

So here are some scenes from my Saturday - mom and I finally made it to Disneyland where my dad and sister joined us later in the day. I love that place. I already miss it and am planning a trip back.

Beignets for lunch

Mom and Mickey ready for a rocket ride

Boardwalk Night Life

Beating dad at Toy Story


1 comment:

Leslie said...

No wonder dad didn't seem too happy about the toy story ride when he got off. Next time he'll have to ride with me. You should know, I had 38% accuracy. If a perp comes in the door, I'll use less amo and get him by the third shot. You guys, on the other hand, will have the house full of holes.

I had a great day, too. When do we go again?