Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shit the Hubs Says

Imagine the Hubs rushing into the bedroom, waving his arms in the air:

"You're not going to care but I'm so excited! I just captured a hydra! And now I'm going to tame him and unleash him on the evil goblin hoards!"

After a few moments pause...

"I just wish I had captured the previous one. Then I might have been able to breed them and have baby hydras. I think you can breed dragons but that takes, like, a thousand years."

He's playing Dwarf Fortress. Yes, I married a total geek.


Christina Nina said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL!!!

Flinthart said...

I dunno... is he playing straight-up ASCII, or does he use a tileset? It's an important distinction!

Chris R. said...

Hello reddit :D

I use Pheobus tileset, my eyes have a hard time following what is on the screen without it. much the same way syntax highlighting helps make coding much much easier, and hurts my eyes otherwise.