Friday, March 5, 2010

If I had $30 laying around, I'd totally get...

... these gorgeous books by Penguin.

Oh, wait! I DID!

Um, Pantaloup? You're in my way...

I already had Jane Eyre so Tess and Sense and Sensibility now join her on the shelf in the bedroom.
(Have I mentioned that I really don't like the color paint on our bedroom walls? Yeah.)

What finally pushed me over the edge into actually clicking on "Check Out" is that Barnes&Noble is offering Members Pricing online (for a limited time, but it's been going since before Christmas) with free shipping on orders over $25, for items that qualify, blah blah blah.
Free shipping always gets me. Or at least tips the scales in their favor.
I'm such a sucker for pretty books!

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